Kiambo "Bo" White
For Congress

Sixth Congressional District of Maryland

Kiambo White
For Congress

"An Interview with Kiambo(Bo)White"

Our campaign platform addresses a wide range of critical issues facing not only Maryland but the nation. Below is an analysis of the key issues We are focusing on, along with considerations for their broader implications:

  1. Medicare and Social Security are constantly under attack, what are your thoughts on these on going challenges?

FDR started Social Security in 1935, and LBJ created Medicare thirty years later.  These programs are covenants which are major parts of obtaining the American Dream. Seniors and early retirees should not have to choose between paying bills, buying food or needing their medications to survive through each day. I will continue to fight and support these programs.

  1. Reproductive Freedom and the right for women to make their own decisions regarding their bodies is in the news daily. Where do you stand on this issue?

I have a commitment to safeguarding personal freedoms and ensuring that healthcare and rights decisions remain in the hands of individuals. It is a stance that responds to ongoing national debates and legal challenges around reproductive rights. Government has no legitimate power to curtail this most important civil right of women.

  1. There is an ongoing fight in the Congress and state legislatures regarding voting rights. Unfortunately, falsehoods are being spread with no factual data to support these extreme measures. Voter suppression is very real. As this is the mark of a free democracy, how would you protect this right?

I am a strong advocate of a robust democracy and voting rights signals an emphasis on the foundational principles of the United States. This includes ensuring fair and accessible electoral processes, which are crucial for maintaining the integrity of democratic institutions. Political manipulation of district maps, disenfranchise of certain communities, which is completely contrary to the principles upon which our country was founded on, and why there was a Revolutionary War. Voting should be made easier and not harder; we need more polling locations, especially in the urban areas dense with people so nobody should have to stand in lengthy lines to cast their ballot. Mail-in balloting should be an option for all and especially for people with disabilities, the elderly, individuals who travel for work, students, and our rural communities. Lastly, pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act!

  1. We are a nation of immigrants. How would you address the current controversy about the status of immigrants in this country?

A focus on revising and improving the immigration structure indicates a move towards more humane and efficient processes. This is significant in the context of national discussions on immigration reform and the need for policies that reflect both economic needs and humanitarian values. Immigrants to this country add to the cultural color and texture of our country. Diversity not only makes us stronger, but it is our history. 

5. Employment is always a key issue in any election. Employment is possible through some type of education, skill, or trade. What are your thoughts on putting more people to work?

You are right, education and employment are equal partners, helping people lead happy, productive lives. I will emphasize educational opportunities for individuals to learn skilled trades. Business development and entrepreneurship are critical to keeping our economy healthy. I strongly support unions and union jobs which speak to a comprehensive strategy aimed at reviving and strengthening the economy. It highlights the necessity of diversified job creation strategies that accommodate various skill sets and professional interests.

6. Labor unions continue to come under fire as they have since the founding of the American Federation of Labor in 1886. Will you champion workers’ rights?

The emphasis on unions mirrors a commitment to workers’ rights, fair labor practices, and the protection of the workforce. This stance is particularly relevant in the face of evolving labor markets and the gig economy. Labor unions offer a systematic way for workers to advance in their skills and open more opportunities in the skilled trades. In numbers there is strength and without unions the rich will only get richer while the poor remain enmeshed in poverty and the middle class will face extinction.

  1. Newspapers, social media and television report of safety in our communities. How important are these issues to you personally?

Addressing issues related to drugs and guns is indicative of a concern for public health and safety. Proposing solutions in these areas involves complex considerations of law enforcement, public health policy, and community-based strategies. Intervention strategies should be in place for students, and additional training for law enforcement in community outreach.

Guns are too readily available to people who are not stable and responsible. I advocate stronger background checks. This does not abridge the Second Amendment; our Constitution applies to all persons. Keeping guns out of the hands of people who will not use them responsibly is a matter of common sense.

Do you have anything else you would like to tell your constituents?

Our platform reflects an understanding that the issues facing Maryland and the country are interconnected, requiring holistic and forward-thinking approaches. I have a readiness to engage with broad coalitions and diverse constituencies. My professional background can assist in laying the groundwork for a more equitable and prosperous future. My call to action is framed by personal narrative. I would reach out to voters to support me in pursuing my vision, for Maryland, and our country that offers hope to the hopeless, opportunities for young and old, and protection from anyone who seeks to divide or pit us against each other.

If I do not have an answer to a question, I will find it or ask for help in doing so. Sometimes you may not want to hear it, or like the information being provided, but please remember that the Facts and the Truth Never Takes a Day Off!

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